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Oh hai May, where did April go???

Posted on: May 5, 2009

Whoa, college is still really taking the biscuit when it comes to workload, but thankfully some things have been modified and loosened our nooses a bit thankfully.  And as it’s May, I only have just over a month to go before it’s finished!!! Woop!!!

Anyways regarding college I’ve been doing quite well, I have my final 12 images selected and I can put that to the side for now.  My development book, or bookS (teehee) are very full and are just waiting for a few more pix to go in then I’ll write alll about them.  I enjoy doing the development book and I think I’ll continue doing scrapbooks after college too, particularly for all my holidays :D

In short, I’ve read and saw Watchmen, read Princess Bride which I thought was kind of kack,  enjoyed free comics at FCD!!! Got three issues of Umbrella Academy Dallas, went back to Ichiban :D Studied more Italian, lost some English, got even more addicted to the sims and to twitter (ily tweetdeck!) Oh and been writing like a crazy person to try and finish MBFB! to a point where I can concentrate on other stuff but still buzz back to it at times.  But I’ll blog more on the writing on the writing blog…which may get moved to wp but who knows :P

I was going to write more, but I feel a little peaky and Fantastic Four is on, I kinda wanna go watch, partly in the hope that it might keep me awake till bed time.

Don’t forget to check my dA for new pictures!!!


4 Responses to "Oh hai May, where did April go???"


“shun the non believer charlie”

shuuush the book confuzzled me, Buttercup was a pain, Westley was nom and the spanish dude was AMAZING

the author needs to get therapy!

ok i do agree Buttercup was a pain in the ass, there was a point where i threw the book across the room cause i was so pissed at her.. BUT APAPRT FROM THATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! i luved westley stinky! :(

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